What to Pack for Lake Titicaca on a Dream Trip to Peru and Bolivia!

With a surface level of 3,812 metres, Lake Titicaca ranks as the highest navigable lake in the entire world. The high altitude makes for cool mornings, hot days, and windy evenings, so when it comes to packing you really want to have a wardrobe that can handle the quick changes in temperature. I only brought a 10L daypack when I did my overnight stay on Lake Titicaca, but I managed to fit everything I needed. Knowing that my homestay wouldn’t necessarily have running water or electricity, I had to pack a few additional items. Today I’m sharing a few ideas of what to pack for Lake Titicaca in Peru so you too can be prepared.

What to pack for Lake Titicaca


1 windbreaker (for late afternoons and evenings)

1 sweater (I picked up a warm alpaca sweater at a market in Cuzco)

2 t-shirts (you’ll get sweaty with all the hiking involved)

1 pair of leggings (I wore these by day and also slept in them)

2 pairs of socks

2 pairs of undies

1 bra

1 pair of running shoes or hiking boots

1 baseball cap or sunhat (to wear by day)

1 touque or chuyo (it gets really cold at night)

1 pair of mittens (I forgot these and my hands froze on the sunset hike)

1 pair of sunglasses (the sun can be a bit blinding at that altitude)


Toilet paper



Hand sanitizer


Toothbrush + toothpaste

It’s unlikely you’ll get access to a shower while you’re doing your homestay on Lake Titicaca, so I’m not going to suggest bringing shampoo or soap. Not all homes have modern bathrooms with showers, and the ones that do may not have hot water. It’s best you have a shower before the start of your trip and then wait it out until you get back to Puno. Going 2 days without a shower isn’t so bad anyway!


Flashlight (in case your home doesn’t have electricity)

Camera with backup batteries (the scenery is beautiful!)

Water bottle (you’ll want to bring these on the hike but you can also buy them on the island)

Cash (there are no ATMs on the island)

Do you have any other suggestion of what to pack for Lake Titicaca?