VROOM VROOM! Driving luxury cars in Las Vegas, Nevada!

While in Las Vegas I got to live out the dreams of many a car aficionado. Yes, I drove luxury cars and I didn’t even have to place a down payment or feign interest in buying one to do so!

When I first showed up at World Class Driving I was under the impression that we might be taking the cars out for a spin in a racetrack. I pictured myself seated in the passenger seat next to a professional race car driver, seatbelt fastened, and scrunching my face into all sorts of unflattering expressions as we put the pedal to the metal. Imagine my surprise when I was handed a pair of keys and told, “You’re going to be driving today.”

Me? You want me to drive?!

You want ME to drive cars that are worth close to HALF A MILLION DOLLARS?!

Wait, AND we’re taking these cars on the highway?!

Are you serious?!?!?!


I mean, yes, I’ll do it!

Driving exotic cars

If you’ve ever dreamed of driving luxury cars and didn’t think it was possible, allow me to introduce you to World Class Driving located in Las Vegas, Nevada. If you’re a car buff, this place will make your dreams come true.

How it works is that you get to test drive a series of vehicles, but you have two professional drivers for support. The first driver is in the lead car. He sets the pace and communicates with you through the radio telling you when to switch lanes and what turns to make. The other driver is at the end of the pack. He makes sure no one gets lost in traffic, and he also blocks traffic so that you can safely switch lanes once you’re out on the highway. I’m a pretty confident driver, but having these two cars as a buffer zone helped me feel a little better about test driving these luxury vehicles.

While the usual route goes out to Red Rock Canyon, because I was there on a weekend and we wanted to avoid heavy traffic, we actually ended up driving out to Lake Mead National Recreation Area to soak in the sights and see just how fast these babies could run.


First up I hopped in the Porsche. My first impressions: I’m really low on the ground, these windows are smaller than any car I’ve ever been in, but man this is one fancy ride! The Porsche drove like a dream. She was smooth, easy to control, and handled speed with grace. I didn’t drive more than a few blocks before I was looking over at Sam and hinting at the fact that this would make one sweet birthday present. A girl can dream…

The views out to Lake Mead were gorgeous and I seriously had to keep reminding myself to keep my eyes on the road. Then once we reached Lake Mead, we parked the cars and had a bit of free time to take some photos from a scenic lookout point.


Then it was my turn to hop in the Lamborghini, a car whose name I wouldn’t have been able to properly spell just a few days ago…

After a quick debriefing about the car and learning how to get it in gear using paddle shifting, we were off.

Whereas the Porsche was smooth, gentle, and easy to drive, the Lamborghini lived up to the manager’s description. “It’s rough, rigid, stiff and it’s gonna shake you like a guy.” Aherm, yes.

But he was right. You could feel the speed, the revving of the engine, and the car definitely shook everyone in it. I also found the brakes were hard and you had to really press down on them if you wanted the car to respond. It probably wouldn’t be my dream car (did I just say that about a Lamborghini?!), but I still had fun zipping around in it.


Then once we exited the park, it was time to change cars again. Last but not least I got in the Ferrari.

I ran through my usual routine: slide the seat forward, adjust mirrors, find the turn signals…whoa, WAIT, this car has no turn signals! Apparently that’s an afterthought when you’re driving a Ferrari…

The Ferrari was also a stiff drive and it almost felt like I was glued to the road, but that being said, it was a bit smoother than the Lamborghini.

Lastly, let’s talk about the noise. If my family’s Volkswagen Jetta is a gentle kitten purring, the Ferrari roared like a lion fighting for dominance and territory. All I could hear was the revving of the engine as we rode down the highway back to Las Vegas.

My overall thoughts

Even though I’m not a huge car enthusiast this was still a pretty cool experience! I don’t see myself owning an exotic car anytime soon (I’d be too nervous to drive or park it anywhere, plus the insurance would be astronomical), but that being said it was still a lot of fun taking these cars out for a spin. Where else are you going to do this if not in Las Vegas?



The World Class Driving Dream Garage is located at 4055 Dean Martin Drive just behind the Vegas Strip.World Class Driving offers a few different packages including: 3 muscle cars for $299, or 3 exotic cars for $499.Drivers must be at least 23 years old in order to drive these vehicles.Lastly, make sure you have valid driving insurance before you get into one of these babies!

Thank you to Expedia Canada and World Class Driving for making this experience possible.