Crazy Cat Lady: Visiting a Cat Cafe in the Neighbourhood of Hongdae, Seoul, Korea

If there’s one thing that South Korea isn’t lacking in it’s themed cafes. Cat cafes, dog cafes, sheep cafes, doll house cafes, and even wedding dress cafes – yes, they have them all! During my year living there I decided I would try to visit as many of them as possible, and on this particular weekend Sam and I went to Godabang Cat Cafe in Hongdae.

Here are a few photos from the outing:

Crazy Cat Lady: Visiting a Cat Cafe in the Neighbourhood of Hongdae, Seoul, Korea: Audrey at the cat cafe in Hongdae

This little golden fella sitting right in front of me with its bottom on the table (very hygienic) was a darling. Did you notice him in the video? He’s the one with the honey coloured eyes and the little ears pointed downwards. Those ears! They certainly add a touch of innocence.

Hot drink at the cat cafe in Hongdae, Seoul, Korea

I’m a particular fan of this cat cafe because they have the best hot chocolate I’ve had in Korea. Chocolate milkshakes are pretty good, right? Well this hot chocolate was frothy and thick just like a milkshake, except hot. Sounds gross but tastes great. Plus they draw cute cat pictures on my lid.

Books about cats in Seoul, South Korea

My vast Korean language skills tell me that this is a book about…cats! It’s incredible how I’ve been able to expand my vocabulary this year, guys.

White long haired cat with green and blue eyes in Hongdae, Seoul, Korea

This cat was working it with the natural light. She gave me several different poses, never looking directly at the camera. Your white fur is so fiiine! Just hold it there. Now ‘smize’ like Tyra Banks taught you! Perfect.

Sam at the cat cafe in Hongdae neighbourhood in Seoul, South Korea

Oh, and here is the boy drinking his latte. Hi Sam! He is the cat lover in the relationship.

Cat waking up from nap in Seoul, South Korea

This one was just waking up from its nap. He didn’t feel like posing so early in the afternoon.

Sam feeding cats at the cat cafe in Hongdae, Seoul, South Korea

And here is Sam in his element. The cats gathered around him in a semi circle formation waiting to be fed. I think he may be some kind of cat whisperer…

Siamese cat sleeping in the Korean cat cafe in Seoul, Korea

There was also a cute Siamese cat sleeping next to the heater. This one reminded me of my cat Tommy who we brought to Canada all the way from Argentina. He’s a well travelled cat.

Audrey feeding cats at the cat cafe in Hongdae neighbourhood in Seoul, Korea

And imagine my surprise when an alien tried to claw at my leg! Bald cats are kind of scary, even when clothed.

Cats at the cat cafe waiting to be fed in Seoul, Korea

I look like I’m loving the moment in this one. Maybe I am a cat person…

How to get there:

This particular cat cafe is located in Hongdae. Take the subway to Hongik University (홍대입구역) and walk out exit 9. Turn left as soon as you exit, and turn right at the first intersection. You will likely see a Garfield mascot hanging around nonchalantly browsing on its smart phone – you’re heading in the right direction. The “Godabang Cat Cafe” will be on your right hand side, and you’ll have to take the stairs up to the third floor.