Eating Street Food at the Saturday Night Market in Chiang Mai

One of my recent goals during my time in Chiang Mai has been to do more sightseeing and explore different parts of the city, namely all the different markets. I had walked past the Saturday Night Market before, but I had never really walked down Wualai Road on a Saturday night when all the vendors and food stands set up shop. On this particular weekend, Sam and I were lured over by the smell barbecue, pad thai, and baked sweet potatoes and we decided to do some filming while we were there.

 Here’s a look at the all the little snacks you can expect to find. We ate a lot!

Eating Street Food at the Saturday Night Market in Chiang Mai: Fried dumplings from the night market in Chiang Mai

Fried Dumplings

After living in Korea for a year, and eating gun mandu (군만두) almost daily, neither of us could resists getting a serving of pan-fried dumplings. Filling and delicious! Price: 30 baht

Snow Ice Cream

I noticed people walking around with little ice cream cups covered in fruit, and I naturally started following their trail. I mean, who doesn’t want ice cream? I finally came across a little side street serving up ‘snow ice cream’ which was similar to shaved ice with a bit of cream. Again, lots of toppings to choose from here including blueberries, kiwi, mango, strawberries, lychee, chocolate chunks and oreo cookie crumbs. Price: 29 baht

Eating tornado chips at the night market in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Twist Potato

Twist potato or tornado chips are a fun little snack that I first tried in Korea. A potato spiral is stretched out on a skewer, cooked in oil until crispy, and then you can choose from an assortment of flavours to sprinkle over top – cheese, barbecue, paprika, white cheddar. As you can see in the video, I didn’t like the thought of sharing…but I did. Price: 20 baht

Dim Sum & Spring Rolls

I first tried dim sum when I was travelling through Malaysia, and it is now a food that I immediately associate with breakfast. (Most Chinese restaurants I encountered in Malaysia started serving tea and dim sum at 5 in the morning!) While this dim sum wasn’t as amazing as what I had in the tea houses of Melaka or Georgetown, it was a nice little treat. Price: 40 baht

Grilled meat and sausages in Chiang Mai, Thailand as street food

German Sausage

Ah, the barbecue! This is what lured us over to the night market. Price: 20 baht

Banana Egg Roti

Lastly for dessert we had one of our favourite treats: banana egg roti with a generous amount of chocolate syrup and sweet condensed milk drizzled over top. The perfect way to end our self-guided tasting tour of the Saturday Night Market! Price: 35 baht

Do you enjoy night markets?

What’s the best street snack you’ve ever tried?