The Best Of Prague Through Instagram: Visiting The Czech Republic

I was just scrolling through my Instagram feed and looking at the photos I took in Prague and decided I needed to share these. Almost everyone who has passed through Prague always raves about this city’s beauty and I have to echo this sentiment. I think these photos sum up why I enjoyed the city so much.

Where else can you find facades like this?


They love their creams and pastels in this city.


Subtle walls with bright pink flowers.


A walk through the Vyšehrad Cemetery in search of Alphonse Mucha’s grave. I couldn’t find it.


Shadow play on the walls of Prague Castle.


Fish face while in Prague, Czechia.


The Rotunda of Saint Martin. The oldest of three Romanesque round churches found in Prague.


Because sweets are the key to my heart. This delicious pastry is called a trdelník.


A beautiful wooden door with a lion’s head for a knocker.


The reason why people gather in the town square right as the clock is about to strike the hour.


A pop of red to brighten up the door.


“Give peace a chance.” A stencil of John Lennon and Yoko Ono found along Prague’s Lennon Wall.


Light streaming in through the stained glass in St. Vitus Cathedral and lighting up the tiny mosaics on the wall.


A walk down the quiet lanes behind Prague Castle.


A shady spot in the courtyard of the Strahov Monastery.


Cutest little hotel and cafe behind the castle.


It was spring and the city was in bloom.


The Church of Saint Nicholas in the Lesser Quarter.


The Golden Lane where alchemy was once practiced under orders of the king.


A walk inside the castle walls.


Rooftop views of Prague.


The charms of the Old Town Square.

Tomorrow I’m off to Montreal for a taste of the French life. I haven’t been there in a couple of years so I’m looking forward to revisiting some familiar places and trying out some new cafes and restaurants.   If you’d like to see live photo updates you can follow on Instagram. À bientôt!