My India Travel Itinerary: 1 Month Across India by Train!

Today I’m sharing my India travel itinerary with you all. One month in India may sound like a long time, but when you’re planning to travel in such a big country, one month can feel like a huge time constraint. Where should you go and what should you do?!

Sam and I ended up in India as part of our annual winter escape with his parents. So far we’ve done Southeast Asia and South America together, and this year they wanted to travel in India.

The two big items on their travel bucket list were the Taj Mahal in Agra and the Ganges in Varanasi; aside from that we were free to plan the whole itinerary.

Sam and I then started talking about Rajasthan, the trip started expanding, and next thing you knew, we were travelling the full width of the country by train from Jaisalmer to Kolkata!

I’ve already shared a few little snippets of our time in India in previous posts, but today I’m going to outline our 1-month India travel itinerary for anyone considering a similar trip.

1-Month India Travel Itinerary


// 4 days //

Our first stop was Delhi and what an introduction to India! It was chaotic, it was colourful, and it was a whirlwind.

We spent our first day touring the Red Fort, which was once the main residence of the Mughal emperors. It may be called a fort, but this place is more like a walled city and you could easily spend half a day here visiting the bazaar, hammam, gardens, courtyards and palaces.

On our second day we toured Humayun’s Tomb which was commissioned by the Emperor’s wife after his death. It’s a majestic sight with beautiful surrounding grounds.

From there we took a pedal rickshaw to the Lodhi Gardens which house beautiful tombs and they are a popular spot with families on weekends – we saw birthday parties, picnics, and plenty of cricket games taking place.

Just outside the gardens you also have Lodi – The Garden Restaurant, which is a bit of a splurge but offers al fresco dining surrounded by nature.