How to Get a Chinese Visa in Hong Kong For Foreign Travelers

How do you get a Chinese visa in Hong Kong?

It seems to be a popular question in many traveller forums, and I too was a bit confused about the application process before applying for my visa here in Hong Kong.

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Having just successfully received my Chinese tourist visa, I figured I would write about the process in order to help any travellers who may be thinking of applying. I had my application done through China Travel Service (Hong Kong) Limited in Mong Kok, and once I had all the required documentation ready, the process was actually quite easy.

What you will need:

– Your passport

– A passport sized photo

– Completed application & supplementary application form (available there)

– Photocopy of your accommodations in China

– Photocopy of your ticket in and out of China

– Visa processing fee (I paid HKD $360, but I have a Canadian passport so the visa fee will vary according to nationality.)

Where do I drop off my Chinese visa application in Hong Kong?

China Travel Service (Hong Kong) Limited is located in the Tak Bo Building in Mong Kok on 62-72 Sai Yee Street. The two nearest subway stops are Mong Kok or Mong Kok East. Once you hit the corner of Sai Yee Street and Nelson Street, the red sign with white letters is hard to miss. Go inside and walk up to the second floor; this is where you’ll take a number and wait to be called up.

Where to get a Chinese Visa in Hong Kong – Map

When it’s your turn, an agent will ensure you have filled out all the appropriate boxes and they will make any additional photocopies as necessary. You will have to pay the visa fee upfront in cash. You will then be given a slip of paper which you will need to show when it’s time to pick up your visa. Don’t lose it! Should your visa application not be successful, you will be refunded everything minus HKD $50, which the offices keep as a processing fee.

How long does it take for an application to be processed?

The regular visa application process takes 4 working days, however, if you are in a hurry and need yours done a bit quicker, you can pay to have it done in either 2 days or 1 day. Visa pick-ups are done in the afternoons starting at 2:30 pm.

How can I enter China from Hong Kong?

Aside from flights, train travel seems to be the most popular way to enter China from Hong Kong. You can book train tickets to China from the main train station in Hong Kong, Hung Hom, however, these trains only go to a few select cities in China. If you are buying your tickets in Hong Kong, you will only be able to go to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou or Shenzhen. If you are not travelling to one of these four destinations, all is not lost. Travel agents in Hong Kong are licensed to book onwards transportation for you.

Happy travels around China!

Note: This post is meant to be used as a guide. The process might vary according to your nationality and what kind of visa you are trying to get.