Graduating University in Kingston + Our Upcoming Travel Plans!

I haven’t written an update in a while and with lots of exciting changes taking place and new travel plans being made, I figured it was time for one!

So, first up, I graduated from university…AGAIN!

You might remember that last fall I decided to go back to school to earn my Bachelors of Education. Teaching ESL in South Korea helped me realize that it’s an option I’d like to have in the future, and while I have no immediate plans to trade travel for a classroom, working at an international school somewhere down the line wouldn’t necessarily be out of the question. I had a very positive experience teaching at an international school in Lima during my practicum, and I like that my degree carries a great deal of mobility. So who knows, maybe one day I will teach in Austria, Argentina, or Australia. Who’s to say?

I also just got back from South Africa and have lots to share from there. After attending our final classes at Queen’s University, Sam and I did what any travel junkie would do – we hopped on a plane and decided to visit a new continent.

There were so many highlights during our 3 weeks there – going on our first safari and spotting the Big Five, hiking the majestic Drakensberg Mountain Range, wandering along the rural hills of the Wild Coast, walking through lush forests in Wilderness, and drinking our way through Stellenbosch – just to name a few. It was the perfect way to kick start our travels again.

Then there was a 5 day layover in NYC to catch up with some friends and enjoy summer in the city. I can’t say I was too ambitious with my time there – I was so jet lagged that most days I was ready for bed at 5 p.m., but I did manage to check out Smorgasburg in Brooklyn (so much good food!), eat at the original Shake Shack which recently reopened in Madison Square Park, visit Governors Island, and dine my way around Hell’s Kitchen and the Village with my German friend Verena who is currently calling the city home.

I’m happy to say that most of June has been spent at home visiting family. I may travel a lot, but truth is I’m a homebody at heart. I’ve been enjoying my dad’s Argentinean style barbecues, playing with my sister’s new pet chinchilla, watching movies with my mom, and catching up TV shows like Downtown Abbey. Quite the adventuress back at home, right?

And that brings us to upcoming travel plans…


Here’s a little sneak peek at what’s to come:

Brandenburg & Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

I always love going back to Germany and this time I’ll be visiting 2 new-to-me regions. Sam and I will be teaming up with the German Tourism Board to go in search of unique customs and traditions and document those on video. It should be a really fun project and I’m excited to see what this part of Germany has to offer.

Luxembourg City

Officially known as the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, this is one of the smallest sovereign nations in Europe. It seemed like a good way to break up the journey from Germany to France, so we’re planning to spend a few days wandering the town on foot.


Then it’s off to Paris where Sam and I will be celebrating our 1 year anniversary. One year! We didn’t even plan for it to work out this way, but the City of Love does seem like the perfect destination to celebrate. We’ll also be in town for Bastille Day, so it’ll be fun to watch those festivities unfold.


From there we’re off to Madrid. It’ll be my first time in the city so I want to do it all – the Palace, the gardens, the plazas and the museums. I’m also plotting a few little side trips from Madrid to Segovia and Cuenca if time allows.

Irish Road Trip

My two sisters, Ashley and Arielle, and my dear friend Alyssa will be flying out to Ireland for a week and we’re planning to embark on a road trip across Ireland. The trip may or may not be inspired by the sweeping landscapes depicted in movies like Leap Year and P.S. I Love You (cough cough) and the itinerary is bound to include a lot of castles. Sam has graciously opted out of this one, so he’ll likely be visiting friends somewhere on the continent.


I’m feeling slightly intimidated about visiting this fashion capital… What does one wear?! Again, the plan is to cover a lot of the main attractions and perhaps take a few day trips to places like Bergamo and Como.

So that’s what we’ve got planned so far, and we’re kind of winging the rest of it! We’re armed with Eurail passes for 2 months, so we’ll see how far we get. If you want to follow the adventures on YouTube, check out the channel and hit subscribe! There will be lots of vlogs and fun city guides coming your way.

What will you be up to this summer?