A Charming Tea House in Insadong Exploring Traditional Seoul, South Korea

While I am currently travelling through Malaysia (I can’t believe I’ve already been on the road for half a month!) this is a sneak peak at a little cafe I found in Seoul during my last few days in Korea.

Sometimes you just come across a handful of new places you could see yourself frequenting right before you are scheduled to leave town, and that was the case with this cute little cafe.

The first thing I liked about this place? Its name:

A Charming Tea House in Insadong Exploring Traditional Seoul, South Korea

Moon Bird Does Think of Only the Moon

Now isn’t that poetic? Or perhaps something got lost in translation, but I like to think it’s the former.

Cups lined up alongside the tea house in Insadong of Seoul, South Korea

I previously wrote about a traditional tea house in Seoul (Shin Old Tea House) that I really enjoyed visiting. While that particular tea house was what you would expect from a traditional establishment – low tables, floor seating, and dim lighting – Moon Bird Does Think of Only the Moon surprised me its twist on the tea house experience.

Serving tea to guests of the teahouse in Insadong, Seoul, Korea

While we were still in a hanok, a traditional Korean building, the inside was quirky and you couldn’t help admiring all the little details that make up this place: gardening tools, newspaper clippings, faded old photographs, oil lamps, drawings, and the names of previous customers written all over the walls.

Old fashioned oil lamps and decor in the traditional Korean teahouse in Insadong

We couldn’t figure out exactly what flavour of tea we were drinking, but the aromas were of winter spice, and the little rice cakes were the perfect accompaniment.

Flavoured teas menu and prices for guests in Insadong

If you’re looking for a new place to frequent in Seoul, Korea, or even if you are looking for a place to visit during your trip there, I highly recommend Moon Bird Does Think of Only the Moon!

A giant cup of tea in Seoul, South Korea

Here is a little video we made of our outing:


Have you ever come across a place you like just as you’re leaving town?